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Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Flat

I recently watched "The Flat" on Netflix streaming.  It is a documentary about a man in Tel Aviv whose grandmother passes away.  He finds information in her flat about his family, Germany, their Jewish past and a discovery in the apartment of letters and photos from the past.

This documentary was very interesting.  It includes the "discovery" process where the filmmaker finds family information that leads to his desire for more.  There are also individuals in this film who are resistant to discovering the truth whether is it because of the lack of interest in their family history or some sort of denial of their family's past. 

People of previous generations generally do want to make things appear rosier than they really were.  I can only imagine if someone thought my ancestor (or even a very close relative) to be a Nazi.

I'd recommend this documentary to anyone who really gets into family history whether it is their own or someone else's.

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