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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Find A Grave - Part 1

In recent months, I have been enticed to enter and update information on Find A Grave at  I know that this may sound kind of strange.  Rather than considering a cemetery a rather "spooky" locale to seek out people in their final resting place,  I see cemeteries as a clue to finding my ancestors.

I suppose the typical genealogist would see it as more than a clue.  After-all, cemeteries are a wonderful memorial to those who came before us.  Some people would say that they just don't care about the past and their family trees.  Little do some of them know that until they take the step to finding their roots what interest they may find.  Think about it, aside from your own family tree, cemeteries (or memorials) tell a story or at least can lead you to one.  Who knows who you might find at the other end?  You really could find more of your origins and, in some cases, a descendant who can tell you your family history.

How important is family history?  In my mind, it is our connection to the past, can explain how and why we live where we do in the present, and influence our present and future philosophy about life in general.

I have lots of anecdotal information about my ancestors.  Quick, brief stories are always excellent when my relatives want to share.  Also, letters from the past can be so telling.  The crowning moment is when you find a photo of the ancestors you have never seen before.

Find A Grave is a website that's been around for a while but has grown in popularity over the past few years.  In the past few months, I have personally added 33 memorials to my ancestors buried at Tulocay Cemetery.  I have photos for the gravestones of over 20 of them posted on the site.  I have more photos to take at Tulocay Cemetery in Napa, California in the near future. 

I will get back to Napa, California soon but what I've found of my ancestors' final resting places on this site is pretty amazing.

To be continued............

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