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Friday, October 7, 2011

What To Write About

Sometimes, I wonder what I might write about next.  I certainly have a plethora of family surnames for which I can rehash my research on each up until this point.  That fills up my blog for most part as it is.  I often wonder if I will run out of things to write about.  Then, I remind myself that I certainly haven't run out of genealogy topics to verbally talk about.  I also haven't finished going through the information that has been handed to me in yet another box of treasures.

While I try very hard to keep living people out of my blog, I find that I would have even more family history to write about if I could.  I will hold off since those living people do want their privacy.   I also find that I must be cautious in writing about those who came before that I personally knew.  I would never want to dishonor them and want to get their story correct.

I could definitely write some historical fiction to fill in the blanks.   That would make things a whole lot easier and quicker.  Of course, that is not genealogy.   I might someday attempt to write some historical fiction for that very reason.  I could fill in all of the blanks!

Some stories do abound within my family history while other lines have produced a basic family tree with dates, locations, and people who happen to be my ancestors.  Again, I search for my ancestors but also their stories.  I can't wait to find more.

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