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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Richard Joseph Flanagan - Part 3

Growing up and into adulthood, Dick's hobbies included baseball, gardening, hunting, and fishing.  His passion for baseball may have originated with it's popularity in American culture.  Dick's interest in gardening likely originated in the fact that he spent so much time on a farm and lived on one during his teens.  I do know who to attribute his love of hunting and fishing to though.

Dick's father, Jack Flanagan, was an avid hunter and fisherman.  I have photos of Jack fishing and deer hunting with friends.  I also have newspaper articles about Jack's duck hunting successes.  Of all three of Jack's sons, Dick was the one who would go along on the treks and trips to hunt deer, fish, and duck hunt.  The fishing and duck hunting were mostly done along the Napa River.

I am not sure if Jack's other two son's were interested or not into hunting.  My mother does not have the whole story on that subject.  I just know that for these trips to be successful, one must have skill, patience, and a natural gift for being an outdoors man.  While, Dick's younger brother, John, may have had the gift of carving and creating duck decoy's (and what an amazing talent at that), he may not have been the hunter and fisherman.  I wonder if anyone knows the whole story.

Deer Hunting in California, Richard J. Flanagan

In any family, there are times when you have to ask if there was a favorite son.  Was Dick the favorite son of Jack?  I suppose when it came to hunting and fishing, he was.  I have poured though the many photos that I have of Jack with his friends in the woods camping.  I have only spotted Dick in amongst the men who is a relative.  The rest of the men appear to be of no relation to Jack.  It would be interesting to know who everyone was.  I'm sure that they were from Napa.

To be continued.............

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