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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ireland - Part 6 - Around the Isle

As I start to wrap up my short tour of Ireland, I am left with some photos that remind me of some places of strong interest.  I definitely want to return to Waterford.  While I was able to visit the factory and see the work in progress, it was a Sunday and things were not all up and running.  Also, Waterford itself was pretty well shut down on a Sunday.  Our tour guide gave us a very interesting walking tour of the city.

Driving the Ring of Kerry was worth the twists and turns to get to Waterville.  I'm not sure that I'll venture out there again but it was beautiful.  I only got to experience a quick visit to Adare and Galway.  I do think Galway has more to offer and will need to go there again. 

Waterford - It was a place before there was crystal.

Waterville, Ring of Kerry - Charlie Chaplin's Statue

Thatched roof house in Adare

And the finale will be next..................

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