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Monday, August 1, 2011

Ireland - Part 1 - Monasterboice

In the spirit of walking in the footsteps of my ancestors, I thought that I'd share photos right here of my 2004 trip to Ireland.  It is "summer vacation" after all.  My own children have about 3 weeks of vacation left before school begins again.  At that point,  I intend to really dig into my genealogy yet again.  For the next few weeks, I will be cleaning up my family tree and blog indexes.  Let's hope the laptop can keep up with my typing outside on the patio while I watch my children play.

My intent in sharing my Ireland photos here in my blog is to also review what I have.  It has been a while since I looked them over and I never quite know what memories I might find.  And, yes, all of these photos belong to me.

Copyright 2004

The above photo is a high cross at Monasterboice.  It is Mulredach's Cross, one of the most perfect high crosses in Ireland and is believed to be circa 900 A.D.   The condition remains quite excellent even given its age.

Copyright 2004

Above is the round tower at Monasterboice built around the 10th-11th Century

Copyright 2004

Crucifix next to a 14th Century church ruin at Monasterboice
 Monasterboice was a pretty amazing place.  It is located in County Louth, Ireland.  Lots of church and religious history rests here.  It is a beautiful spot. 

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