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Friday, December 10, 2010

Flanagan's of County Louth - Part 6

John Flanagan (4th generation) and Anne Maguire had eleven children between the years of 1830 and 1854.  They were Richard, Patrick, Thomas, John, Michael, Nicholas, Peter, Judith, Mary, and Catherine Flanagan.  The second John was born the same year that the first John passed away, 1854.   

What happened to the 5th generation of Flanagan's of the Flanagan Farm in Termonfechin, Louth, Ireland?

Thomas Flanagan (b. 1836) was the first to leave the farm when he was 14 years old.  He went to Dublin in August of 1850 and it is not known what happened to him from there.  He may have emigrated.  There is no further reference to Thomas in the farm account books that has been determined.  He may have died.
Mary Flanagan (1848) married Pat O'Rourke.  She moved to Dunany.  Judith Flanagan (1846) married Pat Garvey and moved to Ballydonnell.

Richard Flanagan (b. 1830) was the first of this Flanagan line to leave the country.  He entered Maynooth in 1851 to possibly become a priest.  Later he moved to London by 1856 where his Uncle Pat was since 1843.  He worked as a clerk in Her Majesty's Customs.  Richard is a main correspondent in the Flanagan Family Letter Collection until his death in 1878.  Richard married Maria Cutler in 1871 and had one daughter, Kathleen Anne Flanagan.  Uncle Pat may have visited Richard on a regular basis once he was retired and living back in Termonfechin.

Patrick (1834) and Michael (1839) Flanagan emigrated to Australia.  On Friday, July 10, 1857, there is an entry in the account book by Grandpa Patrick.  He gave Patrick and Michael 14 pounds for their trip to Australia.  Once "down under", Patrick and Michael immediately got involved in digging for gold.  It is not known what their exploits were from 1857 to 1864.  The first surviving letters start in 1864.  By 1864, Michael had been to Victoria and Patrick to Westport, New Zealand.  The digging for gold appears to have produced mixed results over the years. 

Patrick Flanagan met Catherine "Kate" Mary O'Brien during his time in Australia and New Zealand.  They later immigrated to California in 1870 and ended up in Napa.  Patrick and Kate were married in San Francisco.  Michael joined them in 1871.  Michael later returned to Ireland.  Pat and Kate had eight children that they raised in Napa, CA.  Michael, Patrick, and Kate are three main correspondents in the Flanagan Family Letter Collection.  In fact, Michael wrote several of the letters.  His style of writing is very descriptive and expressive.  Patrick's early letters seem to be brief as he must have been in a rush when writing them.  Kate is a main correspondent in later years.  Her letters are full of information.
Nicholas Flanagan (1842) left on Sunday, March 12, 1864.  He emigrated to Portland, Maine.  Nicholas spent some time working on the railroad and then moved onto Napa by 1872.  In Napa, he and his family spent time with Patrick, Kate, and Michael.  He and his family ultimately settled in Olimpo/Corning, California.  Nicholas married Mary Ann Lynch and they had thirteen children.  Nicholas also wrote letters found in the Flanagan Family Letter Collection.  One of his daughter's wrote many letters to Ireland too.

Catherine Flanagan (1850) died on July 30, 1876 in Termonfechin.  Peter and John Flanagan remained in Ireland.  Peter Flanagan (1844) married Bridget Sheridan in 1882.  John Flanagan (1854) married Margaret Moore in 1887 and moved to Ballyfaddock.  Peter and John both died in 1890 leaving families and the farm behind.  This is when Michael Flanagan (b. 1839) returned to Ireland to head the family and run the farm.

What happened to Thomas is still somewhat of a mystery.   Also, what happened to Richard's family (Wingrove's) is also a question.

To be continued.........................

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