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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Coughlin Hickey Research - Part 1

I received a letter a few weeks back dated October 21, 2010, from the State of New York Department of Health.  It says the following:

"We have completed your genealogy request.

Uncertified copies enclosed:  0

No Record Notifications:  1

No Record For:  Johanna Coughlin  

Dates Searched:  1910-1912"

Really?   Did they try and search for her husband, Patrick Hickey?  I admit to be a little disappointed here.  There is still hope though.  I have had some success in my search for Johanna Coughlin and Patrick Hickey.  They are one set of my great-grandparents on my Dad's side of the family.

I am fortunate to have the marriage record for Johanna and Patrick from Roman Catholic Church records.  I sought this out and was delightfully surprised back in May of this year.  I had been told by my uncle that Johanna and Patrick had been married in Rye, New York.  Armed with this scrap of information plus the year of their marriage as around 1912, I searched down the Roman Catholic Churches in Rye, New York.  There are only a couple in this location.  Knowing that it would have to be an old church, I found The Church of the Resurrection and emailed them.

A delightful and very helpful pastoral assistant looked up the records for the timeframe.  What she found was amazing to me.  I say that because I have next to nothing on my Dad's side in the way of family tree information.

"The date of the marriage was November 26, 1911. Priest was Fr. Meehan; witnesses were Michael Hickey and Margaret Coughlin. Patrick Hickey was baptized on November 20, 1884 in White Gate, County Clare, Ireland. Johanna Coughalin was baptized on February 9th, 1889 in County Clare, Ireland.

At the time of the marriage, Patrick was living in NYC and Johanna in Rye."

This is a as good as gold to me.   I can wish all want that their parents names were indicated in the church record but that is just not the case.   This is why I was so very much hoping for the marriage certificate.  I guess it is not to be had.

So do I have additional information?

To be continued........................

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