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Friday, November 12, 2010

McLaughlin Origins - Part 2

When I look up the 1659 Census of Ireland for Longford, I find six baronies.  I believe the key to understanding where these are located is to be able to somehow cross reference the baronies with the locations of today.  See the bottom of this post for baronies for County Longford.

I located a barony map online.  It looks like Edgeworthstown is in Ardagh Barony and Ringowny probably was too.  I have now discovered the spelling of Ringowny on Google maps is indicated without an "e" before the "y".  I am not sure where I found the spelling but I do have some corrections to make in my information.

Back to the census information.  Below I've placed the chart that I found online of the 1659 Census of Ireland.  In Ardagh, I see M'Gloughlin's.  This is an English/British spelling of the name.  I see a Murtagh indicated.  Patrick McLaughlin was married to Bridget Murtagh.

1659 Census of  Longford

Barony Irish English Gentlemen Principal Families
Ardagh 97 971 Richard Archibold (Glynn), Darby Toole (Lisdrinagh), Captain J. Edgeworth (Cranalagh) Cline, Cargy, Cormack, MacCormack, Cowley, M'Connell, Farrell, Kiernan, Kenny, M'Gloughlin, Leavy, Murtagh, Mulligan, Moore, Reilly
Longford 396 67 Sir Arthur Forbes (Castle Forbes), Alexander Aghmooty (Ballybrian), William Pillsworth (Minard), Lt. Thomas Babington (Longford), Hannibal Seaton (Moneylagan), MacDonnell (10 people), Farrells (17). O'Hagans (6), MacElvay (5), Knowlan (5), Quinn (4), MacKay (4)
Rathcline 849 83 Adam Molyneux & Nicholas Dowdall (Ballymulloe), Thomas Robinson & Griffith Jones (Clagh), Edward Clarke (Claris), Robert Mills (Fermoyle) Mac Bryans, O'Connors, O'Cronines, Cormicks, MacCormacks, Dowlans, Kellys, Keegans, O'Dowleys, Muvihills, Gills, Murrays, Hopkinses, Murtaghs, Skellys
Shrule 694 42 Mathew Wilder (Cliduff), Richard Certaine (Cloghanbiddy), Tibbott Dillon (Clonkeen), Hubert Farrell & Simon Sandys (Crevaghmore) Bardens, M'Cormicks, Cahills, Corrigans, MacDowells, Daleys, Farrells, Kaines, M'Jeffreys, Keenans, Keegans, Kennys, Quinns, Mulledys
Moydow 182 4 Thomas Newcomen (Ballinamore), Walter Tuite (Castlereagh) Caseys (12), Cormicks & MacCormicks (19), Donlans (7), Dooners (5), Duffs (6), Farrells (23), Kennys (16), Morrows (7), Powers (6), Keegans (7), M'Evoys (5)
Granard 1416 66 Thomas Flood (Newtown), Richard Kennedy (Glenaughill), William Longford (Cloncoss), Andrew Adaire (Corporation of St. Johnstown, now Ballinalee) Biglanes (7), Bradys (23), MacBryans (5), M'Cabes (7), M'Connells (6), Cahills (6), Connellans (5), Dermotts & MacDermotts (11), Donohos (18), MacDonnells (8), Duffys (10), Farrells (25), Gaffneys (10), Maguires (8), MacHughs (6), O'Haras (5), Kiernans (34), Kellys (6), Mulligans (16), Mahons (5), Mastersons (9), Nugents (8), Reillys (67), Smiths (5), Sheridans (7)

At this point, I have probably hit my wall.  I hope to find more information.  As I go, I'm placing my research notes here for all to see.  I welcome any McLaughlin's to participate in the search for our ancestors!


I found the following barony information on Wikipedia:

County     Name                             Irish Name                    Acres  Notes
LongfordArdagh Ardach[i 19]&0000000000001672000000By 167240223Named after Ardagh village
LongfordGranardGránard[i 19]&0000000000001672000000 By 167263857Named after Granard village
LongfordLongfordAn Longfort[i 19]&0000000000001672000000 By 167257243Named after Longford town
LongfordMoydowMaigh Dumha[i 19]&0000000000001672000000 By 167234470Named after Moydow village
LongfordRathclineRáth Claon[i 19]&0000000000001672000000 By 167240421
LongfordShrule or Abbeyshrule[8]Sruthail[i 19]&0000000000001672000000 By 167221006Named after Abbeyshrule

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