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Monday, November 1, 2010

Catherine Mary O'Brien - Kate Flanagan - Correspondence - 1

Kate's letters to Ireland to the Flanagan's are very interesting.  She was full of information.  I have quoted some of her letters previously in my blog but I'd really like to begin reviewing more of the letters that she wrote later in her life.  I am currently staring at what might be her final letter to Ireland.  It is the final letter authored by her in the letters from 1864-1909.

Kate Flanagan to Mary Flanagan (Termonfechin)
Napa California


July 21 ‘08 (1908)

My Dear Mary,

I am enclosing ‘or mailing’ you that long promised photo of your cousin Ed (Edward Flanagan) that your mother requested some time ago, he takes rather more grave looking than he usually looks otherwise it is a fair likeness. The other is of Leo (Dr. Leo Flanagan), our youngest, he is now home on his vacation but dont expect to get home again for three or four years. We were all sorry to hear of the Death of that fine young man John 0 Rourke. I suppose that both his sisters are likely to come to California now soon. There is very little news to tell every thing goes on about the same here, we are all well and hope this will find you all the same. 

With love and best wishes of all.

your affectionate

Aunt Kate

P.S. Please excuse this short note . If I try to write a long letter I get Dizzy old age you know!


In speaking with my Flanagan relatives in Ireland, they have indicated that they have photos of Flanagan's that were definitely taken at the Flanagan Ranch in Napa but they don't know who the people are in the photos.  I am guessing that they have a photo of Edward and Leo Flanagan.  They were Patrick and Kate Flanagan's oldest and youngest children, respectively.

Kate's post script remark is kind of funny.  She was about 65 years old when she wrote this letter and still lived for another 20 years.  These days, 65 is not so old.

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