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Friday, October 15, 2010

Maxwell Info and Middleville, New York

I recently had a Maxwell researcher send me some books that revolve around Herkimer County including Middleville, Newport, and Fairfield.  The first book I picked up is entitled "Middleville:  The Story of a Village", copyrighted 1990.

In my quest to find out more information about the Newport, New York area including the Irish Settlement, I skimmed a good portion of this book and took some notes as follows:

1.  The Town of Newport has part of Middleville within its boundaries.  It is the westerly side of West Canada which includes Fishing Rock Road, Summit Street, Herkimer Street, and part of Bridge Street.

2.  St. Mary's of the Assumption Roman Catholic Church is considered a mission church of St. John's parish in Newport, New York.

3.  It is very apparent to me that Middleville, Newport, and Fairfield, New York all have close community connections.  Bridges connect these towns together based I what I've gathered from the book.

4.  I find the Lynch and Molineaux names pop up in more than one location in the book.  I find Lynch's and Molineaux's attached to my McLaughlin family tree.  I wonder if these are the same families.  They would be distant cousin's by marriage for me.

5.  The book was by a group of people from the Village of Middleville. 

6.  I find the following Maxwell's on the WWII Honor Roll for the Village of Middleville:  Bernard Maxwell, Dennis Maxwell, James Maxwell, and Edward Maxwell.  I'm not sure who are my relatives but I'm sure a couple of them are.

7.  On page 159 of the book, there is information about the Bernard Maxwell Family.  Bernard and Nora Maxwell lived in a house on Summit Street and raised 12 children.  Their children were Bernard, Jane, Dorothy, Norma, Beatrice, Edward, Eileen, Helen, Rosemary, William, Louis, and Paul Maxwell.

8.  The same page indicates the siblings of Bernard Maxwell as Gertrude, Ann, Joseph, Francis, James, Catherine, Dennis, and Lucille.  They lived on Parkhurst Road, Middleville.
9.  There is a two page entry in the book entitled "Memories of Middleville in the 1920s" by Dennis Maxwell of Boston, Mass.  I have included this in a previous separate post in my blog on September 13, 2010.

This book has given me some great information about Middleville and the Maxwell's.  I've updated my family tree on for the Bernard and Nora Maxwell Family along with the Joseph Patrick and Catherine Maxwell Family.  Joseph Patrick Maxwell was the son of James Maxwell and the grandson of our original immigrant Maxwell - Joseph Patrick Maxwell of County Meath, Ireland who's wife was Judith Shaffrey.

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