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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gartland-McLaughlin Marriages

My last full post about the Gartland's was way back on June 26, 2010.  It was entitled, "Gartland with a "D"? You tell me."  In notes and even when I search in Ireland, I find Gartland spelled as Gartlan.  Is this a typo or was the "D" added later.  Online, I've located some brief information here and there about Gartlan's in County Monaghan, Ireland.  I am really not sure if they are connected to my Gartland's with a "D".

One of the main McLaughlin researchers told me that it is Gartland with a "D".  That's how he finds it written in official church records and the majority of source records that he has reviewed.  I will say that the generations forward in time from our original Gartland Irish immigrant relatives seem to definitely have the "D" on the end of the name.  I will put this to rest in with a final statement.  When I research this line now, I search with and will continue to search with both spellings.

So what does the Gartland Family tree look like and what about those marriages to the McLaughlin's?  Before I go into the marriages, I do want to list the brief information that I have about my Gartland's.  The family unit that I have in Newport, New York, is as follows:

James Gartland
-b. circa 1777, Carrickmacross, County Monaghan, Ireland
-d. circa 1870, Newport, Herkimer County, New  York
-m. Hannah Fox in Ireland
-Arrival to U.S. 1824
-I have James in 4 of 5 U.S. Census from 1830-1870 in the Newport, New York area.

Hannah Fox
-b. circa 1785, Clontibret, County Monaghan, Ireland
-d. 9 Feb 1850, Newport, New York
-m. James Gartland in Ireland
-Arrival to U.S. 1824
-I have no source records for Hannah Fox Gartland at this point.  The information that I have is iffy at best except maybe her date of death.

Their known children:

Mary Ellen Gartland
-b. 1 Aug 1816 in Ireland
-d. 15 Jun 1874 in Newport, New York
-m. 6 Jan 1838 to James Michael McLaughlin in Newport, New York
-Arrival to U.S. 1824
-I have extensive information about her 7 children.

Frank Gartland
-b. 1820 in Ireland
-d. After 1870, Newport, New York
-m. Married to Catherine
-Arrival in U.S. 1824
-He had at least 4 children.

Hugh Joseph Gartland
-b. Dec 1822 in Ireland
-d. 26 Feb 1905, Attica, New York
-m. Mary Ann McLaughlin on 28 Nov 1850, Newport, New York
-Arrival in U.S. 1824
-They had 8 children.

I love these family connections.  Mary Ellen Gartland was married to James Michael McLaughlin who's cousin was Mary Ann McLaughlin married to Mary Ellen's brother, Hugh Joseph Gartland.

I have more research that I need to complete on my Gartland's for sure.  It will need to include the Fox's who apparently ended up in Newport, New York too.  The Fox's were likely also from County Monaghan.  A lot of my information is rather sketchy but I will get it in order and post what I have.

By the way, James Michael McLaughlin and Mary Ellen Gartland are my great great great grandparents.

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