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Monday, September 6, 2010

Seeking Napa Flanagan Information

It is now my turn to ask for information.  I find that sometimes when you seek you will find.  The information that I am looking for may come later and that is fine.  I want to put my request out here.  I suppose I should call this the first of my Napa Flanagan wishlists.  I'm sure that I can come up with more wishlists and more to add to this Flanagan wishlist.

I have sent requests to the Napa Historical Society and the Napa Valley Biographical and Genealogical Society along with Tulocay Cemetery.  The manager of Tulocay invited me to visit there.  He indicated that he actually knew many of the people on the list that I sent him.  I wish I had time right now but school is starting. My birthday present request this year might just be for a day off to go to mom and I... to see what we can find out.  The Napa Historical Society said that they did not have much about the Flanagan's after checking for me.  I guess I should go there too and dig a bit.  My fear, or rather reality, there is that they have what I have.  My grandfather gave them information years ago.  They may have something different though. 

The Napa Valley Biographical and Genealogical Society had a very nice gentleman contact me.  He checked to see if there was Flanagan information on hand but did not find any.  I believe that they are looking for people to contribute information to their library.  I have submitted some written biographies but have not heard back yet.  It is summertime and people go on vacation.

Back to my wishlist.......

Wishlist - Napa Flanagan's

1.  A mini or extensive bio on Catherine "Kay" Veronica Flanagan Fratessa and her husband, Joe Fratessa
2.  A mini or extensive bio on Ellen Maxwell Flanagan
3.  A mini or extensive bio on Robert Francis Flanagan
4.  A mini or extensive bio on John Maxwell Flanagan
5.  A mini or extensive bio on Mary "Minnie" Elizabeth McLaughlin Flanagan

These are four of Jack and Minnie Flanagan's children plus Minnie, herself.  The fifth child, not listed, is my grandfather, Richard Joseph Flanagan.  I knew him well and will write about him soon.

I know that Kay went to Cal Berkeley (found that online), was married to Joe Fratessa.  He was very successful at what he did and I believe they lived at Pebble Beach and/or the 17 mile drive.  They also knew some very important people in Monterey County.  I just love it down there and I know why they lived there!

Ellen lived in Monterey County also.  Ellen had a passion for her family tree.  I so wish I had known her even when she hit some challenges in life.  I believe that I met Kay and Ellen when I was a baby in Napa at my grandparents place.  Of course, I don't recall that meeting.  My grandfather was so fond of his older sisters.

I know someone via email who knew Ellen and Kay.  Maybe she can carve out sometime to jot down a mini bio for each of them.  She can even make it about all of the fun stuff.  I am hoping that there is someone who can tell me all about Minnie, my great grandmother.  She was a teacher and married to Jack.

So what about Robert and John?  Their children are still living.  I'd love to have some information if they can spare it.  I know little about Robert.  I met John in the past.  He had success and had challenges too.  He also made these wonderful duck decoys.

Please find me, my Napa Flanagan relatives, and let me know what you know.  I hope that this inspires you.

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