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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Agnes Flanagan

Patrick and Kate Flanagan's oldest daughter was Agnes Flanagan.  For many years, I did not know of her existence.  My mom would name off Pat and Kate's children as Edward, Jack, Nash, Louie, Mary, Dick, and Leo.  She met and knew Mary, Dick, and Louie.  Edward, Jack, Nash, and Leo had all passed away before she was born.  When I started my family tree research, I kept running across an Annie, Anna, or Agnes.  I asked my mom and she said that she did recall that Pat and Kate might have had a child who passed away at a young age.  This would be Agnes.

Agnes was born in 1871 in Napa, California.  I find her in the 1880 U.S. Census living with her family at the age of 9 years old.  This is really the only trace of public record on in which I find her.  The Flanagan Letters tell more.  In fact, some of the letters were written by Agnes to her Uncle Michael Flanagan once he had returned to Ireland.

In a letter from Michael to the family in Ireland, in 1884, he indicates that Agnes was attending school in a convent some distance from Napa.  She had learned how to play piano and sing in addition to her studies in history, geography, and other subjects.  I count two letters from Agnes to Uncle Michael once he returned to Ireland from Napa. When Kate wrote to Michael about Patrick's death in 1896, I find that Agnes is mentioned as having passed away.  There must be another letter, or missing letter, out there that indicates her passing to the family back in Ireland. 

Agnes Flanagan died in Napa, California in April 1895.  I notice that on my family tree that there is another Agnes Flanagan who was born on July 13, 1896, in California.  She is the youngest child of Nicholas and Mary Ann Flanagan.  Nicholas was Patrick's brother who lived in the Corning, California.  I'd like to assume that Pat's and Kate's Agnes Flanagan is the namesake of Nicholas' and Mary's Agnes Flanagan.

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