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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vacation and Back - Wow Flanagan's and McLaughlin's

I will be writing about Patrick Flanagan Part 2 today or tomorrow but I just got back from a mini vacation to the coast.  I did not have internet access.  When you take 3 days off from the computer you might expect quite a few emails, right?  Well sure.......I had quite a few with lots of information that propels me ever forward on my Flanagan Family Tree.

I'd like to shout out to Marg all the way to the Emerald Isle!  She is awesome and looked up information for me on the 1911 England Census for my Richard Flanagan who went to London.  The Wingrove line has more family members than I'd thought.  How exciting that she found Maria Flanagan (Ricahard's Widow), Kathleen Anne Flanagan Wingrove, Henry Wingrove and their children - Norman Richard, Norah Kathleen, and Eric Edwin living at 99 Tyrwhitt Road, St. Johns SE (Lewisham, London, England) in 1911.  I almost couldn't contain my excitment over this information.  It brings me one step closer to finding more of this lost family line.  Thank you Marg!

I'd also like to thank my ever faithful Flanagan's stateside for connecting with me.  I can't wait to chat with the one who lives in the "City" back east.  I still need to respond to that email.

Now my McLaughlin's.......What can I say?  This past week I was able to track down a McLaughlin who is also a Maxwell.  He's been researching the lines for years.  We just started chatting via email.  I also found the author of the 34 page document, "The Descendants of Thomas McLaughlin".  I got to talk with him on the phone briefly.  I am so excited to connect with him that I almost couldn't contain myself.  We will be chatting more soon.

Finally, my wonderful Flanagan's from the Emerald Isle are trying to track down my McLaughlin line in Co. Longford.  I can't thank them enough.  I know that the success may be limited.  They know some McLaughlin's in that location and there are a lot of them.  It is hard to trace my particular line.  Funny how the "official" information about this surname says that the McLaughlin's are from County Donegal but my line is from County Longford and there are a lot of them there.  I have found that heraldry information does not always match reality.  My Flanagan's prove this point too.  What might I find on my other lines eventually?  

So am I having fun with my family tree?  You bet.  Networking, communicating, and researching has made this a wonderful hobby.  I really need to pace myself.

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