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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Richard Flanagan of Termonfechin who went to London - Part 2

I am more certain now than yesterday of the line I seek. I am coming down the line from the past trying to reach the present. I am hopeful to find some living descendants of the Cutler's, Flanagan's, annd Wingrove's down this line. Here's more definite information and I am 99% sure that Norman Wingrove remained in England. Whether he married and had children is where I've hit my wall. He was born in 1902. Here's part of the line:

1. Richard Flanagan (b.1830,Ireland,d.1878,England) married to Maria Cutler (b. 22 Feb 1846, Islington, London, d. Aft 1901) on 24 Jan 1873 in Clapton, England, UK. Maria's parents were Samuel and Maria Cutler. Richard and Maria had a daughter named Kathleen Flanagan.

2. Kathleen Flanagan (b.7 Sep 1873, Poplar, London, England, d.?) married Henry Wingrove (b.Mar 1873, Chelmsford, Essex, England d.?) on 6 Jun 1900 in London, England. Henry's parents were Charles and Elizabeth Wingrove. Kathleen and Henry had a son named Norman Wingrove.

3. Norman Wingrove was born on 10 Mar 1902 in England and appears to have died in Jun 1979 in England.

I am seeking information about Norman.


  1. Hi Kristin,

    Just wondering if you have looked at the 1911 England census? Kathleen and Henry are there, together with various Flanagans. It's a subscription site but I'll see if I can copy and paste it into your blog here in case you haven't seen it. If you have, apologies for raising your hopes with new info!

    All the best,
    Marg (Everett)

  2. Hi again,

    I'll email you the info - can't get the layout readable!


  3. I've just looked at the actual image and the transcription is wrong: there is only one Flanagan in the household and that is Maria Flanagan, mother in law of Henry. The transcribers had given the Wingrove children the name Flanagan....

    You might be best looking for yourself!


  4. Thank you Marg!!!! You are awesome. I got your message too. Norah Kathleen Wingrove....I did not know about her.