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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Patrick Flanagan - Part 5

Patrick and Kate Flanagan had eight children born between 1871 and 1885.  All of them were born in Napa, CA.  I do believe that they were born in town at the Flanagan Family home on Seminary Street.  The children were Agnes, Edward "Ed" Augustine, Ignatius Joseph "Nash" (pronounced with a long "a"), John Francis "Frank" (as apparently Kate called him) but the rest called him "Jack", Mary Catherine, Richard "Dick" Austin, Louis "Louie" Alphonsus, and Leo J.

I find it hard to keep up with nicknames sometimes.  It can really make you crazy when the official U.S. Census has only their nicknames listed.  That can really make life fun for a researcher.  When it comes to this generation of Flanagan's, my Mom actually knew Aunt Mary, Uncle Dick, and Uncle Louie.  At some point, I really need to take some notes about her impression of these family members.

Patrick and Kate Flanagan along with all of their children are buried at Tulocay Cemetery.  I'm just not sure where.  I know where Jack is buried.  That Flanagan Family plot has Jack and his wife along with all of their children including my grandparents.  So where is the old Flanagan Family Plot?  I really want to find out.  Nine out of the ten in that original Napa Flanagan Family unit died in Napa, California.  Leo died either in San Francisco or San Mateo County.  He is supposedly buried at Tulocay though.  As part of my research, I really want to find out this information.

To be continued....................

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