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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Flanagan Hiatus

My Flanagan’s are going on a hiatus for a while. It may only be for a week or so unless I get inspired and have more time to read. So by now everyone who reads this has probably figured out that I probably have a lot of information and letters for my Flanagan Family Line. I have quite a pile of reading to get through relating to them.

I have other family lines to talk about though. Some of my other lines link into my Flanagan’s. I need to go to Napa again soon. I want to go to the Tulocay Cemetery, Napa Historical Society, and maybe even get to the Napa Valley Genealogical and Biographical Society. I suppose that’s a lot to tackle in one day. I probably need to break it up over more than one visit. Time is limited for me these days though because of other commitments.

I drove on the outskirts of Napa on July 8th, 2010, on my way to Traintown in Sonoma, CA. I caught a glimpse of the Flanagan Ranch house from the road as we drove by. It’s hard to see it since it is surrounded by tall trees in the middle of the large continuous vineyard but does sit up on a knoll. I pointed it out to my mom as we drove by. She, of course, knows exactly where it is and when she passes it by. We didn’t stop. It’s kind of sad that a Flanagan isn’t there anymore. Life goes on though. The history of my Flanagan Family does so warm my heart.

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